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Jackie Chan stars as Steelhead, a tractor mechanic in China during the early 90’s. His childhood sweetheart Xiu Xiu goes off to Japan but never returns – seemingly disappearing off the face of the earth. A couple of years later Steelhead takes off to find her with other Chinese people on a ship bound for Japan. Once in Japan, he teams up with other illegal immigrants and finds work cleaning rubbish from the gutter. There’s also a war brewing on the streets of Kabukicho, Shinjuku between rival Japanese and Taiwanese gangs. Steelhead finally sees his girlfriend but she’s now the wife of the yakuza boss Eguchi and has a child. Steelhead gets involved with the yakuza and slowly but surely climbs up the ranks to take control of the Taiwanese gang’s territory for doing a favor by killing two yakuza leaders and documents to make him a citizen of Japan. But tragedy is about to take place…….

This movie shows than when he feels like it, Jackie Chan can do a really good serious drama. It’s very refreshing to see JC act in a drama and I hope he does some more. Daniel Wu and the gorgeous Fan Bing Bing also contribute to this engrossing movie. Those expecting JC to do some kind of fighting will be disappointed as he doesn’t do that at all. JC even said years ago that he would never do a sex scene but we see a brief one in this movie – this shows how different this is from other JC movies. Most Western fans will be not like this movie because there’s no comedy or martial arts and probably think this movie is boring but for me Shinjuku Incident proves just what a versatile actor JC really is. I would definitely recommend checking this one out.

Sadako’s Rating: 4 out of 5

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