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Ikigami:The Ultimate Limit (2008)

In a future society of Japan, the government has passed a “National Prosperity Law” that says 1 in 1000 citizens aged 18-24 will die from a nano-capsule that’s been injected into their bodies when they entered elementary school and will rupture the coronary artery inside their heart killing them instantly. The law was passed to bring crime and suicide rates down in the country and the scheme has worked.

This movie focuses on one government worker Kengo Fujimoto as he sets about delivering an “Ikigami” to 3 people. The “Ikigami” which is a death note informs the person that they’ve got 24 hours left on this earth and that they can do whatever they want in reason. The government will even fund the person’s wishes for the day and give a generous pension to their loved ones after they’ve died. We get to follow the 3 picked to die on the final day of their lives and how Kengo starts getting 2nd thoughts about the law.

What an incredibly sad tale this was and it really makes you think about the value of life. I thought it was magnificent all round from the storyline, cast, the music and the acting. I teared up in the end, that’s the kind of effect this movie will have on you. It hits you like an emotional brick wall and packs a punch. Most definitely recommended.

Sadako’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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