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From the special effects team behind Tokyo Gore Police and other splatterfest movies comes this ridiculously OTT and camp horror comedy Robo-Geisha. Two geisha sisters are recruited into an all-geisha killer army by a radical secret organisation called Tengun to help rid Japan of weak and corrupt politicians so that a rich businessman and his son can start a new order. The older sister Kikuei even allows herself to be transformed into a cyborg which gives her some bizarre weapons at her disposal (e.g breast machine guns, shuriken stars flying out of her ass!!). This makes the younger sister Yoshie jealous so she gets some implants done too (katana swords coming from her armpits and mouth!!). When Yoshie is seriously injured during a mission to kill some people, some people who have had family members kidnapped by Tengun reassemble her and she vows to destroy the secret society but before she can square off against the head honcho she’ll have to face her sister in combat.

I liked this comedy, it provides a lot of laughs. Aya Kiguchi is very cute as Yoshie. I don’t know if the SFX team were told to tone down on the blood because it looks like they’ve done that. The red stuff isn’t sprayed so much and what blood we do see is CGI. There’s some bizarre things in this movie such as a castle which transforms into a robot and buildings which bleed! If you enjoyed Iguchi’s previous movies such as The Machine Girl then you’ll know what to expect and this movie will be right up your street. Sad to hear that Hitomi Hasebe who plays the older sister Kikuei has decided to retire from showbizness recently.

Sadako’s Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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