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A Slit Mouthed Woman 2 (2008)

AKA Carved 2 or The Scissors Massacre.

Three sisters grow up on a chicken farm in a small town of Gifu. The oldest sister, Yukie Sawada, is engaged to be married, the middle sister, Sachiko works at a beauty salon and the youngest, Mayu is on the track team in high school. Their happy , carefree lives are changed forever when Yukie’s ex-boyfriend Suzuki commits an atrocious crime with Mayu as the tragic victim. Half-crazed and bent on revenge against the Sawada family, Suzuki mistakes Mayu for Yukie and pours acid all over her face. Overwhelmed by physical and psychological trauma, Mayu sinks deeper into depression and isolation, unresponsive to her sisters’ encouragement… Meanwhile, chilling news of a serial murderer, who preys on the alumni of Mayu’s high school, sends shock waves through their small town…

Based on a supposedly true story in the 70’s, this is an alternative take on the Japanese urban legend of the Slit Mouthed Woman with a completely different story from the first movie. Although it’s a horror movie, you’d be surprised just how little blood and chills there is in the first hour apart from a nasty stabbing and the tragic acid face attack on the innocent schoolgirl Mayumi who eventually turns into the scissors killer. For the final third, we’re in full bloody horror mode as Mayumi takes her revenge on those that have crossed her. You do feel some sympathy for Mayumi’s plight – ignored by her former friends and subjected to whispers by the rest of the high school pupils for something she didn’t ask to happen to her. However, that sympathy goes out of the window once she goes crazy with the scissors. For those horror fans who are willing to be patient they’ll be rewarded with some great gore by the end. I still think the first movie is better – much more frightening and the killer is more sinister and brutal but this movie is pretty good in it’s own way once it gets going.

Sadako’s Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

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The Warlords (2007)

This is a period epic in every sense of the word. It covers a lot of ground depicting war and it’s consequences. It tells the story of three “brothers” played brilliantly by Jet Li, Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro who make a pact of brotherhood to one another that consists of killing anyone who harms one of the brothers and killing any brother who harms another brother as they lead an army through war after war taking over city after city. The cinematography is outstanding, the budget is huge, the directing brilliant and the war scenes brutal as can be. The battle scenes didn’t pull any punches either. Blood flies across the screen as limbs roll on the ground. It’s truly fantastic. They are the highlight of the film as the first half seems to not pull away from the battlefield. The film is also extremely colorful. Every scene is stunningly vibrant. There are so many memorable scenes from the film and half of that is due to how they were shot. The Warlords is one of the best Chinese war epics I’ve ever seen.

Sadako’s Rating: 4 stars out of 5

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