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Memories Of Matsuko (2006)

A young man in his late teens/early twenties, who dreams of becoming a pop star musician and who therefore has left his hometown for Tokyo, is lost somewhere between the vast city and his porn movies compensating his loneliness. He is unexpectedly addressed by his father, whom he hasn’t seen or heard from in 2 years, who tells him that his aunt Matsuko has recently been murdered. He consecutively tells his son to deal with Matsuko’s “aftermath”, including an unbelievably messy and run-down apartment and, more important, the disturbing story of her sad life.

An absolutely amazing movie that blew me away. This masterpiece is so original, so entertaining, and so tragic that its hard to deny its brilliance! While I would say it was fairly sad at times, and you’ll shake your head at the life choices the lead character made, the movie will stay with you. It definitely has tearjerker moments, major ones. It is magnificently crafted, every scene showing a unique beauty in both camera and composition. It sometimes changes to anime and music, making it a very special experience to watch. The character of Matsuko is brilliantly played by the beautiful Miki Nakatani – a performance of a lifetime from her. She truly shines as Matsuko for her effortless ability to switch from drama to comedy. If you’re going to see this movie be prepared to be moved by it. It’s a bitter-sweet drama/comedy that will make you cry but will also touch your heart in a way few movies do. A must-see for any movie fan.

Sadako’s Rating: 5 out of 5

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