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Big Tits Zombie (2009)

Professional stripper Lena has recently returned home to Japan from working in Mexico where she finds herself forced to take a gig at a dead-end small town club, alongside four other similarly down on their luck strippers. But in the absence of customers, the ladies have very little do to occupy their time, outside of the odd catfight. Happening upon a secret room under the club, they uncover a treasure trove of rare occult paraphernalia and literature, amongst which the resident Goth Maria finds a copy of  the Book of the Dead. One innocently murmured incantation later, and the Stripper Five suddenly find themselves faced with a considerably larger audience, who are hungry for flesh indeed.

The majority of viewers will watch this movie based on the title alone. It’s not too bad considering how low budget the whole production is.  There is very little nudity on show which will be disappointing to fans of the AV idols that are the stars of the movie – they look great mind you.  Plenty of cleavage on show if that turns you on!  The gore is predictably CG which I’ve never been a fan of . The comedy is OK though nothing special. What did you expect out of this movie? – something along the lines of Tokyo Gore Police! This is sold largely on sex and nothing more. The American movie Zombie Strippers which has a similar sort of storyline is better than this. I can’t really recommend this unless you’re fans of the AV idols. It’s  a shame as this could have been awesome.

Sadako’s Rating: 2 out of 5

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