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Fish Story (2009)

The year is 2012 and a huge comet is set to strike the Earth. An American attempt to destroy it has failed and there’s a last ditch effort using an Indian spaceship to blow up the comet. Cities are abandoned as people flee to higher ground to avoid the resulting tsunami after the impact. In a tiny corner of Tokyo, a record shop is open and the 2 people running the shop are listening to a very special song called Fish Story by a failed 70’s punk band. This song is set to save the world!!

Smart and witty movie about how a forgotten punk rock song (with a mystery within the song) links the lives of several characters who mostly never meet each other. It is set in 4 time periods: 1975, 1982, 2009, and 2012 – with each period having its own set of characters (in essence we’re getting 4 movies rolled into 1). From the ominous setting of 2012 and the end of the world scenario we go back in time to the origins of the song itself and the group that recorded the song, and how the song has touched several people who will become champions of justice and heroes. They include a timid college student in the 1980’s, a man and a doomsday cult in 1999 and a cook who gets involved in a ferry hijacking in 2009. Each story is intriguing and adds another piece to the puzzle and we don’t know how each time period links together until the incredible ending which is fantastic. The acting from all of the cast is brilliant. Fish Story is a magical experience that will entertain and engage you from start to finish. Go see!

Sadako’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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