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A G-8 summit is set for Rome the day after Christmas; the Italian and Japanese governments will announce an aid package for the Balkans. Kondura arrives from Tokyo to improve security at the embassy, making waves with his direct manner. A Japanese tourist who’s a single mother reports that her young daughter has been kidnapped. Posing as the woman’s husband, Kondura takes the lead with the kidnappers, who want money and no cops. However, the law requires that Kondura notify local authorities, who blunder a bit. Various exchanges go awry; then the kidnappers send the mother and Kondura to the Amalfi coast on what appears to be a wild goose chase. Why the delay? What’s going on?

A great political thriller, however this movie concerned itself more in showing beautiful shots of Italy and highlighting the dangers of pickpocketing in Rome rather than focusing on the plot at times! The first half was pretty good with the kidnapping scenario but then it switched gear in the 2nd half to be about a bunch of terrorists who want to tell the world the truth about an incident in a small republic which killed their families. The things that happen during the 2nd half are pretty far fetched and shows the Italian police and intelligence agencies as idiots. That said I did find it a bit exciting. Yuda Oji is OK as the Japanese security expert Kondura but I was disappointed in Erika Toda’s role. She wasn’t as involved as I wanted her to be considering she’s one of my favorite Japanese TV idols. There’s even an appearance by Sarah Brightman who sings Time To Say Goodbye.  As this was a movie by Fuji TV to celebrate their 50th anniversary, no expense has been spared in the production values – looks like they spent a lot of money getting everybody to Italy and employing Sarah Brightman too. On the whole it’s a relatively entertaining investigative thriller running around Rome much like what Angels and Demons did.

Sadako’s Rating: 3 out of 5

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