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Yui (aka Sukeban Deka III) is working for the Juvenile Security Bureau, a sort of a youth police outfit whose task is to bring delinquents to justice. However, their heavy handed tactics where they seem to enjoy punishing the kids disappoints Yui and she quits. She heads for Kyushu hoping to have a quiet life with her relatives but it isn’t long before 2 of her old Sukeban Deka colleagues Yuki and Yama call on her for help. The leader of the Juvenile Security Bureau is trying to take over the system and kills one of Yui’s ex-colleague and imprisons her old boss. Even Yuki and Yama are captured. Yui teams up with a gang of young outcasts to destroy the JSB who intend to detonate a bomb at a music concert.

A fun and campy feature and still just as OTT as the first movie. The budget has been ramped up for the movie with more explosions but less hand to hand combat which is disappointing. The plot is more or less recycled from the previous flick. I do like the lead character – she’s quite cute and brings plenty of energy to the role. In the first movie we saw a helicopter downed by a yo-yo, in this one a small light aircraft is bought down by our heroine!! If the idea of seeing a tough schoolgirl taking on a bunch of teenage baddies and saving the day is your idea of fun, there’s plenty to enjoy in this movie. You might need to brush up on the TV series for more backstory and background to the Sukeban Deka characters. I found it enjoyable despite the ridiculousness of the story.

I can’t find a trailer for the movie but here’s one for the first movie

Sadako’s Rating: 3 out of 5

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