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Saori (Mao Inoue) is a manga artist. She meets language geek Tony (Jonathan Sherr), who lives in Japan after falling in love with the language. As the couple become closer, Saori is inundated with strange questions about the language from Tony. Are these weird questions a trait of his foreign background? Or is it because of his linguist preoccupation? The majority of Saori’s family seems fine about the couple except that is for her father who is very much against Tony seeing his daughter.  Can their relationship survive?

This was just a below-average movie in the end and is based on the real lives of the author Saori Oguri and her white husband Tony Laszlo. It’s supposed to take a light-hearted look at cross-cultural relationships, namely Japanese women and foreign men. You’d think that this would provide opportunities for some great humour but it doesn’t and the plot mechanics are sloppy. Numerous instances in the story made me stratch my head. Tony is fluent in Japanese so it makes sense that he’s been living in the country for a while yet you’d think he’d understand Japanese humour or their culture but he’s clueless about some things. Also why would anybody take a date to a party full of foreigners and then ignore her – what an idiot! His friends are also shown to be shallow and enjoy taking pot-shots at Japanese women. I’m taking that it’s supposed to be funny in showing stereotypical foreigners. There are other examples as well of poor execution in this movie. As for the acting, I’m afraid this isn’t one of Mao Inoue’s best performances which is a shame as I really liked her in Hana Yori Dango. The only good thing she does is look cute. Jonathan Sherr as Tony is so bland – the guy can’t act to save his life.  I just can’t feel the chemistry between Saori and Tony at all. Overall this movie was a big disappointment for me.

Sadako’s Rating: 2 out of 5

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