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The 2nd and concluding part of the Nodame Cantabile movie double bill. Chiaki is asked to do a piano concerto with Rui Son which makes Nodame lonely and depressed however much of a brave face she shows around Chiaki. In her mind, she thinks Rui will take Chiaki away from her. With Nodame at her lowest and most vulnerable, the flamboyant conductor Stressman breezes in and having listened to Nodame playing a piece on her piano decides to whisk her away to Prague where she debuts with him doing a Chopin piece. She’s a huge success but Nodame still isn’t happy and hints that she could quit music and become a kindergarten teacher. She also starts to drift away from Chiaki. Can Nodame and Chiaki overcome their differences and find a way to get back together again?

A fantastic conclusion to the whole Nodame Cantabile saga. Some old faces return for a small cameo and the storyline ends on a very satisfying note. But is it really the end? I still feel there’s another story to be told about Nodame and Chiaki so watch this space. Given the huge popularity of the franchise, I wouldn’t be surprised to see another installment appearing in the next couple of years. Highly recommended.

Sadako’s Rating: 4 out of 5

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This movie centers around two murderers – the cool but methodical serial psycho Yasunaga and Chinatsu, his sweet but sullen younger sidekick who is plagued with her own self-destructive desires and over whom Yasunaga has an inexplicably strong hold. After stabbing their way through a couple of high school girls with a pair of scissors, they soon find that someone has already got to their next potential victim, 16-year-old Yukiko, and done the job for them. Finding themselves called as witnesses to the crime, they embark on a series of double bluffs and deceits with police investigator Isone and his deskbound superior Horinouchi involving feeding information to a gutter press journalist out to do some muck-raking and toying with an innocent bystander seemingly unconnected with the victim, all the while trying to pinpoint the identity of the older man Yukiko was spotted with just before the murder.

This is an interesting and somewhat bizarre psychological film about a killer, a copycat killer, and the police trying to find both killers. Though starting out fairly straightforward, the film has many twists and turns and it keeps viewers on their toes. The story is quite good throughout, and the music is surprisingly unnerving and minimal. The atmosphere is pretty great. Also, you gotta love the fact that a movie from 2004 looks like it was filmed in the 80’s. Performances are good for most of the characters. It does its problems though as it’s a bit inconsistent in tone. At times, it tries hard to be as serious as possible and it usually works. However, whatever bleakness the movie conveys is immediately broken by a bit too much campy humour from the stupid, bumbling police officers; specifically to blame is the lead police officer who just acts completely ridiculous throughout the whole thing. The pacing could have been better as it’s a bit too long. This movie really could have been something special but it was missing something. It’s still worth checking out though.

Sadako’s Rating: 3 out of 5

I can’t find a trailer unfortunately.

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