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The GhostHustlers are three beautiful female students Kyoko, Mayu and Emi who fight evil spirits at Onin High School. The GhostHustlers are called into action when their school is invaded by “Erotomaniac Spirits”!

A very camp Japanese comedy rip off of Ghostbusters set in a high school in which 3 female students who belong to a Paranormal Club have to get to the bottom of why girls are being possessed by some kinky spirits who throw themselves at boys in a school. Not that the boys are complaining mind you!!! The storyline is crap and the special effects even worse but there’s a couple of gags here and there which will make you smile and the 3 leads are beautiful. It’s a typical soft-ero movie from Japan.

Sadako’s Rating: 2 stars out of 5


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Enjoyable movie by Takashi Miike about a former biker leader Kintaro who promised his wife when she died that he’d turn straight and become a salaryman. When the construction company he works for and family are threatened by the yakuza thanks to a corrupt politician, Kintaro hooks up with some of his old biker friends and takes matters into his own hands resulting in some major ass-kicking!!

Unless you’re familiar with the Salaryman Kintaro manga or anime this will probably not interest you at all. Considering it was directed by Takashi Miike, this is one of his tamer movies as his signature mixture of blood, guts and sex is absent. The story keeps your interest and you care for the characters. For Miike completists or Kintaro fans only.

Sadako’s Rating: 3 stars out of 5


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Death Tube (2010)

A young man and several other people become unwilling participants in a real-time game on a website called Death Tube. In each game, one of them must die and in the end only 1 has a chance to play the final game with a chance to escape their prison.

After a promising start, the movie gets a bit dull. The games are crap and uninteresting and the pathetic bear villains are ludicrous. At times you think this is a horror movie for kids. It’s also like a low budget SAW clone but lighter in gore. Some of the deaths on display are an insult to horror fans – check out the wrecking ball one for instance. Death Tube is OK but I’ve watched a hell of a lot of better J-horrors then this. This movie had a lot of potential but the filmmakers botched it up. The long running time doesn’t help things either. Average at best.

Sadako’s Rating: 2.5 stars out of 5

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Confessions (2010)

One of the best Japanese movies of 2010 is a deeply disturbing psychological thriller on how a mother whose 4 year old daughter was killed by 2 of her teenage students from school sets about getting her revenge on them.

The story hooks you in from the outset and will make you jaw hang open such is the dark cruel world that the movie is set in. It shatters the common belief that Japanese high school students are polite, respectful and diligent in their studies and instead gives us uncaring, cruel, hateful and evil little shits. The way the mother/teacher goes about extracting her revenge is wickedly devious and no doubt a lot of viewers will agree that the 2 students deserved everything they got as payback for murdering an innocent little girl.

Depending on how much you like a movie to be challenging like that and how much you cherish it’s toughness and no-holds barred mentality, you will really enjoy this. It might appall and appeal you at the same time. That’s what made Confessions such a unique experience for me and why I loved it. A definite recommendation.

Sadako’s Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

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Ami (from The Machine Girl) has a friend named Yoshie who’s murdered and desecrated by the Kimura Gang. She is saved and, like Ami, receives modifications from the same mechanics. Remembering her past, Yoshie decides to avenge herself and Ami by going after the gang.

This short spin-off from the ultra gory Japanese movie The Machine Girl is more interested in comedy than all out horror. It’s entertaining, funny, stupid and quite surreal. I mean, the heroine has a machine gun sticking out of her arse for God’s sake!! Fans of The Machine Girl will no doubt love it, I don’t know about the anybody else though.

Sadako’s Rating: 3 stars out of 5

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Dream Home (2010)

A very violent HK horror about a woman who’s desperate to get an apartment overlooking Victoria Bay in Hong Kong and will literally get her hands bloody in order to secure the home of her dreams!

Filled with disembowelments, slicing, dicing and an inspired use of household products, the film’s extreme violence is so intense that walkouts have been reported at screenings around the world! Dream Home presents us with a series of nasty, comical and inspired set pieces that never fail to surprise, shock and sensualise. Josie Ho performs admirably as the female killer, presenting us with a character easy to believe in. Her gradual decline into madness is expertly crafted, as the director presents us with a series of flashbacks hinting at the trouble ahead. Pang Ho Cheung has pretty much crafted the first intelligent slasher movie, a film that digs deeper than your average horror vehicle. It’s violent, darkly comic and gleefully twisted. Don’t miss out on this movie if you’re a horror/gore fan.

Sadako’s Rating: 4 stars out of 5

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The Shock Labyrinth (2009)

When a bruised and distraught girl named Yuki pays an unexpected visit to a group of friends after 10 years, they take her to an old abandoned hospital where they find guilty feelings and shame coming back to haunt them.

Complete utter disaster of a movie. Nothing works: the plot is all over the place (above all it’s boring), and the adult actors seem to be sleep walking through the entire movie. After establishing the basic premise of the story, it gets stuck in a pattern of repeating the same things over and over again with a twist here and there until the finale. There were just too many actors and not enough story to make it feature length movie. The “horror” scenes are either unintentionally humorous or just crap. Ironically for a director known to build tension and atmosphere in his movies, the creepiness of the famous haunted hospital is completely lost. Such a shame as this could have been a great movie. Don’t bother with this drivel. One of the worst J-horrors I’ve ever seen.

Sadako’s Rating: 1 star out of 5

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