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Rampo Noir (2005)

Four short films, based on stories by Japanese mystery writer Rampo Edogawa, explore dark themes of obsession, sex and death. In “Mars Canal,” a naked man wanders alone through a swamp recalling a former lover. “Mirror Hell” follows a serial killer with a fixation on hand mirrors. “Caterpillar” centers on a crippled veteran, his sadistic wife and their unhealthy relationship. And in “Crawling Bugs,” a chauffeur plots to seduce a starlet.

Starring art-house regular Tadanobu Asano as almost different characters spanning across the shorts, this movie, to put it mildly, should excite art-house lovers since it stars one of their idols, but everyone else, unless you have spare capacity for the bizarre, would likely want to steer clear of this. For omnibus movies, you’d come to expect varying standards and levels of enjoyment, and this one is no different. I did enjoy the 2nd short called “Mirror Hell”. The other 3 shorts were just plain too weird for my taste and I got bored. There’s more visual style than solid substance here in driving the movie. I’d only recommend this to people that are into their art-house movies and have a long attention span as this movie drags on for over 2 hours.

Sadako’s Rating: 2 stars out of 5

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Teketeke 2 (2009)

The vengeful spirit Teketeke continues her bloody rampage. This time a group of schoolgirls are to be her victims.

Teketeke 2 begins with a recap of the 1st movie before finding the only survivor to escape Teketeke finally succumb to her inevitable death at the hands of the vengeful spirit. The sequel revolves around a schoolgirl named Reiko who has never had many friends, however things only get worse for her after an altercation with Erica, one of the popular girls at school. Soon, Reiko’s only friend Natsuki begins to notice that she is behaving strangely. It seems that the girls who are her enemies soon find themselves dead – completely dismembered. What is the connection between Reiko and the legend of TekeTeke? Natsuki must unravel this mystery and discover the truth before it’s too late. This is a definite marked improvement on the 1st movie with more bodies sliced in half and gore. I loved the neat little twist right at the end. Adequate acting and the cast is beautiful. I really enjoyed this movie.

Sadako’s Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

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