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Black Tight Killers (1966)

A male war photographer Hondo who goes on a date with a female air stewardess Yoriko in Tokyo gets caught up in a wild adventure when she gets kidnapped by a gang of go-go dancing ninja women who use chewing gum to blind their opponents, razor sharp measuring tapes and 45 rpm records as their weapons. They’re seeking a treasure trove of gold that the kidnapped girl’s father stole from Okinawa during World War II and want it to be returned to the island. But the female gang aren’t the only ones interested in this stash. A yakuza gang also wants to get their grubby hands on the gold. Hondo gets caught slap bang in the middle of this conflict but seeing as he’s fallen for Yoriko he’s determined to rescue her.

A parody of sorts of a spy action movie which is very camp but hugely enjoyable. Using a mix of vivid colours, weird camera angles, sexy female assassins and lots of action sequences, this movie has plenty to keep the viewer more than entertained. Even though it may be somewhat of a parody, this movie is played straight with a high body count. The action is pretty exciting and come thick and fast. Akira Kobayashi is great who plays his role with a James Bond like flair. In fact there are several nods to 007 in this movie: the dance by 2 people sprayed completely in gold is one for example. The director has even admitted that due to Bond mania sweeping the world at the time, this movie was a direct response to it. You would have to think the people that came up with this movie was tripping out on something.

Overall this is a great movie that’s a lot of fun to watch. Seeing some ingenious devices such as the bomb in a golf ball or the bamboo bazooka to get out of a sticky situation is only a part of what makes this crazy movie work so well. If you’re in need of a brainless diversion on a rainy day this movie could be what you need. It’ll certainly leave you with a smile on your face as the end credits roll.

Sadako’s Rating: 4 stars out of 5

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