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Hanzo Itami is a radical police officer in the time of the samurai. Refusing to sign a policeman’s blood oath as the police accepts gifts from brothels and lords, Hanzo refuses to protect the rich or the samurai but instead is willing to protect the ordinary farmer and townspeople. When a criminal called Kanbei who is supposed to be in jail on an island is seen in Hanzo’s territory, he sets out to find the truth by interrogating his mistress the only way he knows how – by raping her in order to make her confess. In doing so, he finds out something about his own superior who is trying any excuse to get rid of Hanzo. What will Hanzo do once he catches up with Kanbei?

Those expecting this to be full of action are going to be slightly disappointed as there’s only a couple of sequences (though they are rather bloody) and even then they don’t last very long. This focuses more on Hanzo’s special techniques in interrogating female prisoners and the methods beforehand in how he gets himself prepared for interrogation. Hanzo has a need to experience the pain of what the prisoners being tortured are feeling and to do this he requires the help of his 2 ex-con servants. With Hanzo kneeling down on a triangular wooden board and tied to a pole, both servants place several stone slabs on top of his knees until he starts bleeding. Another interesting technique after a hot bath is Hanzo pouring hot water on his rather large penis. With his erect penis, he starts beating it with a bamboo stick onto a wooden board (we see that from previous sessions his penis has made an impression on the board itself!!). Finally he has sex with a rather large bag of rice.Why does he do this? Apparently to make his penis tougher and harder when erect!!

This movie is somewhat controversial due Hanzo’s unconventional interrogation methods on females. All in the name of justice mind you! He rapes 2 women in this movie but after a while they start to enjoy Hanzo raping them so both end up being his mistresses! Hanzo is a typical bad ass cop – using any means necessary to get the truth out of prisoners, even if his ways are unlawful. If it gets results then it’s no problem for him. Shintaro Katsu is excellent as Hanzo, he has this intensity about him but you get to see that he’s a fairly sympathetic lawmaker as well  such as when the storyline moves onto 2 kids whose father is dying from terminal cancer in a house. He’s in pain and wants the kids to free him from the pain by doing a mercy killing. This they are about to do until Hanzo steps in. Sparing the kids from being arrested and probably crucified, he tells them to go outside whilst he takes a rope and makes it appear that the father took his own life by hanging. It’s a win-win situation for all – the father is freed from more suffering and the kids haven’t done anything wrong.

This 70’s slice of exploitation is rather fun to watch. It’s hard to tell whether this movie is a little tongue-in-cheek or not due to the dry humour, OTT violence and ridiculous funky soundtrack. This movie is a part of a trilogy so I’m looking forward to seeing the exploits of Hanzo once again soon.

Sadako’s Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

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