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Junpei is a low level yakuza member with the Soryu Group in Okinawa who’s fed up of being treated like dirt by his boss. When a situation arises for him to steal 500 million yen from his boss, he takes that chance and flees. They soon catch up with him but the loot has been hidden somewhere safe. Luckily for him whilst he’s being beaten up at the group’s HQ the police turn up but not before he’s taken the opportunity to stab his boss. Junpei ends up in jail for 5 years. When he’s released he hires a tough bodyguard to escort him back to Okinawa in order to recover the 500 million yen but the Soryu Group haven’t forgotten about Junpei. It’ll be a journey with dangers hidden around every corner as they’re attacked not only by the Soryu Group but by every karate dojo in Okinawa as the bodyguard Kiba has been misinterpreted in the press saying his karate school is better than every school on the island.

This was one of Takashi Miike’s first movies as director which went straight to video and he was yet to show the extreme tendencies and visual brilliance that marks his later works apart from one small sequence right near the start when a finger is cut by a yakuza member. It’s a fun action movie with a great plot though hardly original which has some twists along the way. Plenty of martial arts and violence for the action fan to enjoy. The pacing is just right and there’s good chemistry between the two leads as well. The character Kiba is a right bad-ass who can take any number of opponents on and come out on the other side without barely a sweat on his face. A karate showdown at the end between Kiba and a tough Okinawan police detective is disappointing and ends a bit too quickly.

Whilst not one of his memorable movies, it’s got enough to entertain and make it worth watching for Miike fans.

Couldn’t find a proper trailer but did find this.

Sadako’s Rating: 3 stars out of 5

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