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It is 1913 China and General Yuan Shi-Kai has taken control after the collapse of the Qing Dynasty. As the General requires a load of money from Western government by a way of a loan to stay in power, he asks his 2nd in command General Tsao to help get it. What Tsao doesn’t know is his daughter is working for a group who want to start a revolution in the country and she plots to steal the loan documents from her father who has stashed them in his safe. But things don’t go to plan as several people get involved in her activities. One is the daughter of a man who runs a Chinese Opera group, another woman is a thief who has stolen some jewellery, placed it in a box which finds itself landing at the Chinese Opera house and finally we have a male spy undercover who aids the general’s daughter in trying to retrieve the all important loan documents. The four reluctantly team up together but the local law officers are on to them. The daughter has to make sure her father doesn’t know what she’s doing in order for her plan to succeed. Will the quartet manage to get the documents before the law captures them?

The mid 80’s to the early 90’s were a golden period for HK movies and this movie is one you do not want to miss. This classic HK movie has got everything you’d want in a good movie – some comedy, loads of awesome exciting action sequences and a touch of romance. I was put off for years from watching this movie due to the title thinking it was going to be a boring little drama about Chinese opera. My mistake from not reading about the plotline properly. Once I found out that the awesome Brigitte Lin was in the cast I knew I had to see this movie and I’m glad I did. This vintage movie by acclaimed director Tsui Hark is fantastic. The story and the characters are interesting. Brigitte Lin anchors the whole cast together and pulls in a fine performance along with Sally Yeh and Cherie Chung as our three heroines who are each pursuing a different goal. The three have great chemistry together. The action is fast and furious with some excellently staged gunplay. The Chinese opera scenes are vibrant and colourful. The pacing is perfect. You couldn’t ask for more from a HK movie. Definitely worth taking a look.

Sadako’s Rating: 4 stars out of 5

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