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Young-eon spends one night at school alone to practice her singing whilst her friend Sun-min goes home. The school takes on a menacing atmosphere as Young-eon is stalked by a mysterious presence and killed. When Young-eon wakes up, she is in the music room but something is different. Nobody can hear her speak and people are passing right through her! She seeks out Sun-min who is desperately worried about what has happened to Young-eon. Eventually Young-eon manages to contact Sun-min by her voice. It dawns on Young-eon that she’s dead and trapped in the school grounds but why and how did she die? Sun-min is going to do all that she can to find out the truth about her friend’s death but a classmate is determined to drive a wedge between the two girls.

The 4th installment in the Whispering Corridors franchise is my favorite and plays out like a mystery rather than an outright ghost horror story. The series which was going a little bit stale after the 3rd movie needed a shot in the arm and this movie revived the flagging franchise. It’s like the filmmakers took the best aspects out of the previous three movies and put them in this one and what you get is this remarkable story. It relies on the characters to drive this movie rather than going for the cheap shock option and I have to say it works pretty well and looks fresh. Even though it may be more of a mystery movie it’s still got a couple of really good scares and some great death scenes. As with a lot of Asian horrors, this movie also borrows some plot elements from other movies in the genre. The movie has some nice twists though the ending might confuse some viewers. The soundtrack accompanying the movie is fantastic and creepy. All round good performances from the cast. Recommended.

Sadako’s Rating: 4 stars out of 5

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