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Taking place in the near future, Lulu Wong is an heiress who operates above the law as the mask-wearing champion of justice Silver Hawk (think of her like the female version of Batman) in Polaris City. Lulu gets involved in a kidnapping case when Professor Ho Chung’s latest invention – a mind reading AI device which seems to sense a person’s need. This device gets the attention of the British blonde haired villain Alexander Wolfe. By using the Professor to combine his AI device with a bluetooth phone, Wolfe intends to control millions of people around the planet as their free will will be completely removed. Lulu teams up with an old friend of hers now a police inspector called Rich Man and head to the city of Zenda to stop Wolfe. Rich Man is also on a mission to trap and capture Silver Hawk. Will Wolfe’s nefarious plan to control the world come to fruition?

Produced by and starring the charismatic Michelle Yeoh, this is a lightweight action movie that fails to really deliver. It’s too campy by far with some cringeworthy performances by some cast members. The action is nothing to write home about – it’s not particularly exciting but it’ll stop you from being bored with the movie. You just have to see the scene where Wolfe’s goons come down from the roof on bungee ropes to fight Silver Hawk and later on they attack on rollerblades with hockey sticks. There’s hardly any suspense and the plot is as thin as a wafer. I like Michelle Yeoh as an actress but she just doesn’t cut it in Silver Hawk at all. There’s no chemistry whatsoever between her and Richie Ren who plays Rich Man. The comedy employed in the movie is embarassing, I can see only kids liking it. An example sees Rich Man dressed like a woman trying to capture Silver Hawk but it backfires on him as he gets tied to a lamp-post with his own handcuffs. It’s meant to be funny for the viewer but unfortunately it’s isnt…..not one bit! Luke Goss as the stereotypical villain who seeks world domination is OK but isn’t helped by the crap script. The only positive thing about Silver Hawk is the futuristic sets and special effects. The movie tanked at the box office in Hong Kong.

To be perfectly honest, I would only tell you to watch this if you’ve got nothing better to see. It’s very forgettable.

Sadako’s Rating: 2 stars out of 5

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