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AKA Tumbling Doll Of Flesh or Niku Daruma

A perverted male and his cameraman friend set out to make a sex video by using a female porn actress Kana and her male counterpart Kiku at a remote bungalow somewhere in the countryside. As the first part of their shooting session in the bungalow begins, both participants go about having hardcore sex and everything is fine and well between everybody but then things start to go more cruel especially towards Kana in the 2nd part of the shoot. Kana is tied up in rope and the director wants some pain to be inflicted on her by dripping hot wax on her arse from a candle and being whipped. She objects to this but the director is loving it. He seems to thrive on her being in pain. When she refuses to do something, the director goes mad. However, she is untied and the shoot is ended. As everybody is sitting having a meal afterwards in the kitchen, Kana has had enough and says she’s going to leave. As she heads for the door to put on her shoes, the director grabs a baseball bat and cracks her across the head. Kana is knocked out and tied up to a bed. What happens next to her is a journey of torture and suffering for which her only escape is death itself.

You may think you’ve seen it all with the Guinea Pig series and even the notorious Muzan-e movie (which I’m desperate to get hold of) but you ain’t seen nothing yet until you’ve seen this vile, harrowing and depraved controversial extreme horror. It’s an unpleasant viewing experience with some sequences very hard to watch which I’ll highlight to you.  There isn’t a plot as such in this movie but what it lacks in storyline it more than makes up with shock value and gore and believe you me when I say that what transpires onscreen is probably the sickest thing you’ll ever see in your life. There are some stomach churning things on show here including a graphic tongue mutilation scene involving a potato peeler and scissors, Kana’s foot and then her leg being hacked off by the director as Kiku is raping her whilst she’s unconscious. The vilest thing is when her chest is cut open and they play about with her guts and order Kiku to have sex with her intestines!! Kiku himself is bumped off for not being good enough and for his troubles gets his testicles cut off. Kana’s ordeal is thankfully bought to an end with a machete to the face!

This no doubt is one if not the most extreme and disturbing horror movie I’ve ever witnessed. The first 40 minutes is fairly boring to be honest and focuses on the hardcore sex scenes. It’s only in the last 30 minutes of this movie that the shit hits the fans. The special effects by Tamakichi Anaru and Shino Setsuna are nothing short of impressive – the footage of Kana’s dismemberment shown in gory detail and looks realistic. The acting is fairly good. It’s probably the best fake snuff movie I’ve watched.

You have to be really fucked up to enjoy this movie. Gorehounds will of course lap it up but it does make you wonder what kind of sick animal could even conceive of such a twisted movie. For all other viewers that perhaps may be tempted to see what the fuss is all about with this movie I have to tell you that it is incredibly graphic and might make some of you throw up. You have been warned.

Sadako’s Rating: 2 stars out of 5

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