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A group of criminals pull off a big heist of an armored vehicle but before escaping with the loot they blow up the van. Unfortunately a young woman looking for a wedding ring in a jewellers shop right next to the van is killed. 6 months down the line and the group are back in Hong Kong looking for the money after one of their partners stole it. Inspector Fong Yik-Wei who spots a van with some suspicious looking people inside pulls them over. The group manage to destroy Fong’s officers and even humiliate Fong himself when the leader of the group Tien forces him to swallow 3 bullets before beating him up pretty badly. With his reputation in tatters and fellow officers laughing behind his back, Fong is desperate to catch the group. But another cop after revenge is Chan Chun. It was his fiancee that was killed by the group in the blast next to the jewellers. He can’t move on with his life until he catches the criminals. The duo meet with a young model policeman called Wai whose brother was sent undercover into Tien’s group. They think Wai’s brother may have switched sides. The three put their heads together and try and find out where Tien and his group may be holding out. But even then arresting the group might be an even harder task than they realise as Tien is an incredibly skilled fighter who seems invincible. However, the 3 cops find out that the mastermind behind the heist wasn’t Tien at all. He had help from somebody inside the police but who is this person?

Invisible Target is probably one of the best martial arts/actioners to have come out of HK in many years. I know many fans have been lamenting about how recent action movies done in HK isn’t quite the same as it was years ago during the heyday of Jackie Chan in the 80’s. Well if it’s the same style of action you want then you’ve come to the right place as this movie is full of balls-to-the-wall high octane action. The only problem with this is the story which has some plot holes and character development is thrown to the side. It’s a perfectly fine movie if you don’t care about that and just want to see action but I’m sure many people like to have a good balance between the two. No complaints from me though as I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I don’t think I’ve seen so many glass smashed since the days of Police Story!! I can’t fault the action sequences at all – they’re all done with aplomb. Car chases, explosions, kick-ass fights and more – there’s enough here to make any action fan salivate! There’s even an very exciting rooftop chase quite early in the movie. The martial arts fights may be short but they’re brutal.

I liked the acting from the main 3 leading characters. Nicholas Tse is great as the reckless loose cannon cop Chan Chun. A broken individual due to the death of his fiancee and willing to put his body on the line to catch criminals. Tse did a lot of the stunts in this movie himself. Equally as good is Shawn Yue as Inspector Fong – the cop with a cool charisma and who thought he was a bad ass (check out his introduction in this movie) but gets his ass whupped good and proper by Tien. Wu Jing is amazing as the villain Tien and all 3 characters have an incredible fight as we come to the climax. It takes one of the characters to sacrifice himself to finally take Tien down but before that the man is like a force of nature. There’s absolutely no stopping him. Jackie Chan’s son Jaycee does remarkably well in his role as Wai. The three cops get plenty of opportunities to bring their sheer energy to the breathtaking action on show and even though it may seem that there was no wirework in the movie, there was some used but it was all edited out by the power of CG.

If you need to have a bit of an Asian action fix then Invisible Target is fantastic. Director Benny Chan knows how to make a seriously good action movie and it is the action that drives the movie forward not the storyline unfortunately but if you’re happy with that then this movie will not disappoint.

Sadako’s Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

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