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Yakuza hunter Asami returns to visit her old master Inokuma who runs a small bar but finds out that he’s being squeezed by the Shoryu Group who wants to take over the area. Already some residents have paid the price for not leaving when requested. Inokuma gives Asami a place to stay with Miki who’s a retired Yakuza Hunter. She’s a single mother with a young baby. During one incident between the Shoryu Group and Inokuma, Asami butts in and takes out 3 of their personnel. The leader of the group is none too pleased with this and orders his 2nd in command to assign deadly female killer Akira to sort the problem out. A trap is laid for Asami and whilst she despatches the normal yakuza people with ease, it’s not so simple when she squares off against Akira who has mastered the same skills as herself. Akira is a former pupil of Inokuma just like Asami. Just when the tide of the battle is turning for Asami, she is shot by Akira. Akira is ready to finish Asami off but she’s rescued by Miki. Although injured, Asami isn’t seriously wounded. Akira goes after Asami’s closest allies starting with Miki. Akira being the cold heartless killer that she is brutally slays Miki’s baby with a sword before Miki herself is torn to pieces – firstly with her hand and foot blown off with a shotgun. Then Akira polishes her off.  Asami returns to find both their corpses. That isn’t enough for Akira and she now turns her attention to Inokuma’s bar – torching it and trying to burn one of Inokuma’s workers in the process. Inokuma decides he has to train Asami in how to take down Akira. Asami’s rage reaches it’s peak and the final showdown between the 2 females is imminent but who will come out on top?

Having watched the sequel to this movie (Yakuza Busting Girls: Final Death Ride Battle) a while ago, I thought this one was so much better than it. It’s got a better plot, more violence and gore in it. The opening sequence throws us right into the red stuff straight away as a man and a woman are strapped down on a table and are tortured by a yakuza member with a chainsaw. The man gets his leg cut off and the woman unfortunately has her private parts plus part of her body sliced in half by the chainsaw wielding maniac. It’s no surprise to hear that gore master Yoshihiro Nishimura has a hand in it all!! There are many references to classic exploitation movies such as Female Prisoner Scorpion and the Girl Boss series. Akira herself is dressed exactly like Meiko Kaji’s character Sasori – all in black. Even the spaghetti western genre is copied in a stand-off at the climax of the movie complete with Ennio Morricone like music and Asami’s outfit is a lot like what Clint Eastwood would wear in his western roles. The movie is directed well by Shinichi Okuda with good production values.

Although AV actress Asami is the star of the production and is very good in her role, it is Hitomi Miwa as Akira that steals ever scene she’s in. Silent but deadly, cold and calculating, ruthless and relentless – Miwa shines as the emotionless villain. Both ladies have a very impressive swordplay sequence towards the middle part of the movie. It’s just a shame that their final duel at a quarry was so short. I expected a lengthy fight but it was over so quickly. Such an anti-climax and the innovative technique shown by Asami which was taught to her by her mentor Inokuma to finally triumph over Akira is a bit OTT.

For such a low budgeter, this movie was pretty good I have to say. I found it so entertaining and is a worthy title to check out.

Sadako’s Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

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