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After Detective Aoshima is promoted to section chief he has the daunting task of dealing with eight cases at the same time, which includes a bomb threat, a bus hijacking, and even a series of homicides made worse by the fact that the murder weapons are pistols stolen from him and his juniors! Moving to a new premise which boasts state of the art anti-terrorism security measures, only for two cases to interrupt and distract our merry crew, resulting in a bold theft of three police handguns, which the perpetrators threaten to use if not for the release of a slew of criminals. The criminals manage to infiltrate the new WPS security system and override it. Security metal barriers in the new building are activated trapping officers inside with a canister of poison gas timed to go off if the criminals are not released on time. Aoshima also has a crisis of his own to deal with as a medical check reveals he has a tumour which cannot be operated on and he may only have a couple of months to live.

This is the third movie based on the popular Bayside Shakedown TV Series which was known for its unique and humorous depiction of the Japanese police force while avoiding the conventions that defined most police dramas.  It was a long 7 year gap between the 2nd and 3rd movie but if you’re a fan of the series and the movies like me, this is like visiting old friends from the past again because you’ll be comfortably engaged in the story and the characters’ personality and behaviour will be familiar to you. The story contains drama which is well balanced with comedy and just a tiny bit of romance. It was a great move to bring back the main villain from the 1st movie in which Manami Hyoga is manipulating computer geeks to committ crimes in order for her to be freed from prison. She’s quite a chilling character is Manami despite not being on screen that much. Familiar themes of Bayside Shakedown which includes office politics, political interference, bureaucratic red tape and lazy public officers continue in this movie.

As Yuji Oda had been portraying Detective Aoshima for 13 years, it was easy to see that he slipped back into character effortlessly with his signature green jacket (which goes missing for a little while in this movie!). It was also good to see that the rest of his co-stars (Yuki Uchida, Toshiro Yanagiba, Eri Fukatsu, Yusuke Santamaria) also returned to preprise the characters they portrayed in the series and first 2 movies. Shun Oguri has an important role as a liaison officer named Torikai. It’s his debut in the franchise.

I absolutely loved the 3rd Bayside Shakedown movie and I can’t wait to see the 4th and final movie which is being released in Japanese cinemas later on in the year.

Sadako’s Rating: 4 stars out of 5

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