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Pretty high school student and karate expert Megumi decides to take a camping trip to the countryside with her friends Tak, Aya, Maki and Naoi after the death of her sister who was bullied by her peers at school for farting. Near where they are camping, a mad scientist Dr Tanaka is experimenting with zombies in his mansion and trying to find a cure for his sick daughter Sachi by inserting a large alien tapeworm up her ass! Megumi and her friends do a spot of fishing on a river and catch a fish with an unusual living tapeworm inside its guts. The slutty Maki who thinks that it will help keep her skinny pops it in her mouth and eats it. Maki soon finds herself farting like a trojan and has to go to a toilet due to stomach pains. She finds an outhouse with a hole for a toilet in the grounds of Dr Tanaka’s house which the gang have stumbled into. As soon as she tries to take a dump, there’s an odd noise coming from the bowels of the hole below which is filled with faeces/urine and a pair of zombie hands emerges which fondles Maki’s ass!! The gang come under attack from a horde of zombies who emerge from the outhouse all covered in crap!! Maki soon turns into a zombie thanks to the parasitical tapeworm inside her which likes to pop out of her ass every now and then! The gang are saved by Dr Tanaka and Sachi but when Megumi finds out the truth of his evil experiments she tells her friends and they try and escape but not before they’re all infected with the alien tapeworm thanks to a meal of spaghetti they all thought they were eating but was in fact something else! It’s now a battle of survival for the gang against the zombies and the knife wielding Sachi but will they succumb to the tapeworm growing inside them and is Megumi’s karate skills good enough to save them?

When you decide to see something with a title such as this, I think most people will already know what kind of movie it’s going to be! From cult director Noburo Iguchi who created The Machine Girl comes this tongue-in cheek, low brow comedy movie which is chock full of toilet humour and I mean that quite literally. From exploding heads, parasite tapeworms emerging from asses, nudity, bodies cut in two by an axe to panty shots, eyeball popping and heads blown off by shotgun – this has got it all with a lot of splatter effects. This movie is an ass fetishist’s dream with many beautiful rumps displayed and it contains every imaginable shit and fart joke that you can think of! The zombies in this movie do not have red blood in their bodies but shit flowing through their dead veins so when their heads and limbs are cut off or stamped upon the brown stuff is seen gushing out like a geyser. Director Iguchi knows how to handle this kind of material well. He has one hell of an imagination and delivers a ridiculously insane fun movie that he knows the audience will have a good time watching it although it does get a little absurd right at the climax with a fart fuelled aerial duel between Megumi and the alien parasite queen/Sachi. The story as always in these kind of movies takes second fiddle to the violence that is shown as that’s what the viewer wants to see. Judging by how many lingering shots of asses there is in this movie, I think we can take for granted that the director loves the female bottom! The cast seem to be having a blast working on this movie and the female actresses which includes Arisa Nakamura as the heroine Megumi are stunning. It’s very much a unique and original movie that only the Japanese could make and you have to thank them for that.

If you find fart jokes funny or you like Japanese splatter gore comedies then this movie will be right up your street. It’s silly and disgusting and a good laugh. It’s definitely not for the easily offended! It’s not Iguchi’s best movie as The Machine Girl takes a lot of beating but I did enjoy this extreme horror romp.

Sadako’s Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

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