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Following the death of his scientist father at the hands of the evil Sigma organisation, secret police officer Yutaka Daimon pairs up with his mighty robot friend and partner Zaborgar who is armed with weapons, an expert in karate and also able to transform into a motorcycle. When Daimon finds out about a plot by Sigma to steal the DNA of politicians and scientists and use it in a robot weapon, he and Zaborgar square off against the robotic Miss Borg, the female sidekick of Dr Akunomiya, the brains behind Sigma. However, an interesting development occurs as Daimon and Miss Borg fall in love with each other and have a passionate moment in a cave. Zaborgar who isn’t happy with this sacrifices himself and Miss Borg which results in their destruction. During the explosion a big egg appears with 2 babies inside. Fast forward 25 years into the future and the threat of Sigma rears its ugly head again this time in the form of Daimon’s son and daughter which resulted from his sexual encounter with Miss Borg all those years ago. His daughter Akiko transforms into a tall skyscraper robot and starts smashing up a city. Can Daimon and the newly resurrected Zaborgar save the day?

From the warped mind of Noboru Iguchi comes this parody and remake of a 70’s tokusatsu show which is set up as a 2 part episode. You’ve got our two heroes facing flying heads, a kissing samurai robot, a trio of American football fembots with demon heads coming out of their breasts and arses, bulldog tanks and other weird creatures. It’s a typical Japanese wacky movie from Iguchi! Zaborgar himself is quite a cool robot as he has remote control car feet and a helicopter coming out of his head for surveillance duties. It’s quite a fun movie to watch but I don’t think it’s as funny as some of Iguchi’s other works. It is entertaining though and it will make you smile. The gore content is surprisingly low which was a disappointment to me. Iguchi has made this movie as realistic as possible to the original Zaborgar series and has made a commendable effort as you’re able to see clips of the 70’s show during the end credits to see how uncannily accurate he got this movie right.

Depending on what you find funny, you might find this movie rather annoying and childish. It was OK in my opinion but nothing more. It’s silly, cheesy and rather corny and it did make me laugh a bit but I’ve seen better from Iguchi.

Sadako’s Rating: 3 stars out of 5

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