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During an argument with his father, a rebellious student named Shotaro who likes to carry a flick knife on him accidentally hurts his mother who is rushed to hospital. Sitting in the hospital corridor and waiting for his mother’s condition, he gets into an argument with a rival from another school who has had his ribs taped up for fighting. It ends up with both boys connecting with a punch to each other’s face. However, the punches also create a crack in the fabric of time and space hurtling the 2 boys from the hospital and landing up in a field. They have some idea where they are but on going into town they find they have arrived in the year 1981 when Shotaro’s parents were still at school. Whilst his future mother is a model student, Shotaro sees that his father is a yankee who rides a motorbike. Shotaro’s arrival in the past has come in a pivotal moment in his future parent’s relationship as they are due to take a photo together in a tower later in the day. This photo takes pride and place in Shotaro’s household. Nothing must interfere with this moment or Shotaro might never exist in the future. When a small gang of thugs kidnap and threaten Shotaro’s future mother – Shotaro, his rival and future father must team up to defeat them. Somehow Shotaro’s girlfriend and friend also arrive back in 1981 determined to help things out as well but Shotaro’s rival begins to fall for his future mother which complicates matters…………………

TSY: Time Slip Yankee is a comedy time travelling movie which shares a lot in common with other titles in the same genre. It’s fair to say it doesn’t have much of an original script. The story has been done countless times in movies and this one is OK but nothing special. Whilst the method of time travel is different (whoever heard of a punch sending a person into the past!) it’s never explained just how something like this can create a crack in the fabric of time and space and how Shotaro’s girlfriend and friend can follow them to the exact time period. It’s got some funny moments as Shotaro meets his future parents and even has a scrap with his father but it’s only right at the end when things start to get interesting as the plot takes a bit of a twist but even then this kind of thing has been done in other time travel movies before. There are a couple of good fights in the movie including a lengthy rumble between our three heroes and some hoodlums near the climax. The filmmakers have been a bit careless with mistakes as there are modern cars in some shots that is supposed to be back in the early 80’s. Those kind of silly mistakes should have been edited out. It wouldn’t have been that much of an effort to erase them out. As for the cast, they’re pretty decent in their roles. The movie just about held my interest but to be honest I don’t think it’s worth your time. Average.

Sadako’s Rating: 2.5 stars out of 5

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