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Sadako 3D (2012)

At a high school where Akana Aikawa works as a teacher, a rumour exists of an online video. The video is purported to show someone committing suicide. Then Akane Aikawa’s student Noriko kills herself. During that time, more suspicious deaths occur one after another. The police concludes that the deaths are suicides. What the police miss is that a key element exists in all of the students’ deaths. All of them watched the video before they died. Akane Aikawa now holds the key to the revival of Sadako and must defeat her once and for all …

It’s been 14 years since Sadako, the long haired girl in the white dress was tossed down a well and crawled out of a TV screen to frighten us all. Ringu which is quite rightly a classic revitalised the Asian horror genre but in the process other copycat movies would come out with the same dark long haired woman as it’s antagonist during the late 90’s/early 2000’s. Over time people would become bored as the same old crap would get churned out. So how would this, the 5th entry in the series fare? I’d like to say that it’s a great entry in the Ringu franchise and judging by the promising trailer I saw months ago I had high expectations but I’m afraid the end result is far from good and it’s in fact an insult to the original movie. Ringu worked so well as the dread, tension and suspense was built up slowly throughout the movie until the climatic pay-off but Sadako 3D doesn’t do that and relies on useless cheap scares and overuse of CG effects. I didn’t even find this version of Sadako scary at all. This Sadako is a pale shadow of the one that scared everybody in 1998 and tarnishes the memory of why she was such a frightening entity in the first place. The death scenes in the movie are laughable. Are we to believe that Sadako’s hand coming from a small mobile phone screen can push somebody through a window – I think not! There’s worse to come as Sadako now has an army of deformed spider-like clones that chase after Akane through an abandoned building. The spider-like clones disperse into moths when struck! Go figure! But by then the movie had completely lost my interest.

I wasn’t impressed at all with Satomi Ishihara as the heroine Akane. She is given the unusual power to break windows and computer screens with her powerful scream which made her an outcast at high school. Now as an adult, her screams comes to her aid when Sadako stalks her through the internet. To be honest the acting by everybody was awful. Koji Seto better known to Western fans as Kamen Rider Kiva plays Akane’s boyfriend like a wet blanket. The main problem with Ai Hashimoto as the iconic Sadako is she’s just too cute, something which the character shouldn’t be. We are meant to fear her. Is the viewer supposed to be frightened of a girl with superimposed red eyes?

The signs weren’t good with the director that was chosen for the project but it’s not entirely Hanabusa Tsutomu’s fault. A lot of the blame has to go with the shitty direction the screenwriters went at. I still can’t believe that this movie did well at the Japanese box office as it’s terrible with a storyline that was probably written quickly and thrown out to capitalise on the franchise. Unfortunately due to the movie’s success, it has just been confirmed that a sequel is scheduled for release in Summer 2013. If I had my way I’d seal the well that Sadako came from and stop any further sequels until somebody can come up with a fresh and original approach because frankly this movie is a joke. It had potential but the people that have put this together have really ballsed it up big time.

Even if I say this movie is useless, I can still see the majority wanting to watch this but don’t blame me if you find it disappointing and such a big letdown. You have been warned!

Sadako’s Rating: 1.5 stars out of 5

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