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Tokyo Sora (2002)

Tokyo Sora follows the lives of 6 female characters:
Girl 1 – a Taiwanese student learning Japanese and is a part time art model
Girl 2 – a bespectactled girl who tries to make a living out of handing free tissues on the streets
Girl 3 – A young university student who gets into a relationship for the first time but is struggling to come to terms with her body image
Girl 4 – A young waitress at a coffee shop who enjoys the banter with her boss and perhaps is after a little bit more from him?
Girl 5 – A woman who works at a hostess club but has amibitions to become a writer
Girl 6 – an aspiring hairdresser who also works at the same hostess club as Girl 5

Depending on whether you like slow arty movies where nothing much happens, this character driven story will either fascinate you or make you bored with tears. The movie plays out like a documentary so those expecting one of those teen melodramas or maybe a tearjerker of sorts will become very frustrated whilst watching this. Those that like non conventional movies and are interested in 6 tales covering a cross-section of Tokyo’s female population as they try and live their lives in the city and finding their true self will find this fairly interesting. We are never told the names of 2/3 of the girls’ names and yes, their lives at times may be mundane and uneventful but I found it to be a melancholic, subdued and atmospheric movie about love and relationships. We get to see the girls interacting with people and dealing with certain situations. All 6 are quite likeable and some you care more than others depending on their personalities. Dialogue is kept to a minimum and there’s hardly any soundtrack but what little music you can hear has been composed by the excellent Yoko Kanno. Some critics have commented that this is a movie about loneliness in Tokyo somewhat akin to ‘Lost In Translation’ and it feels like someone has taken a camera and started to film these women without them knowing. The director has aimed to make a movie about realism and it works remarkably well.

Overall, Tokyo Sora is a great movie about the lives of ordinary women in Tokyo dealing with issues that are universal no matter what city you live in. It’s a refreshingly slow paced movie which not everyone will appreciate. Those with a short attention span need not bother watching it.

Sadako’s Rating: 3 stars out of 5

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