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Man Hunting (2010)

A teenage schoolgirl is kidnapped by a mysterious figure, and then taken to a cabin in the forest. The kidnapper, his face hidden under a hood, then pushes the girl to escape as he plays a sadistic game with her. He stalks her like prey with a crossbow. After being cornered and shot in the shoulder, the girl is patched up by her attacker and the game is replayed the following day. However, the injuries she sustains in this game is far worse than the previous day – she puts her foot straight through a tree stump as she attempts to escape. She still manages to elude capture but only for a short time. Patched up once more, she escapes for a 3rd time and manages to get to a road but is hit by a car. The couple in the car decide to take the girl to a nearby hospital but there’s only one problem – one of the tyres has a flat. As day turns to night, the couple are still trying to fix the tyre with the injured girl safely inside the car. However, the kidnapper manages to find her and kill the couple. The girl is forced to flee the kidnapper once more. Will she eventually manage to escape once and for all?

I must have been stupid to have expected this to be a good horror movie from the trailer I saw months ago because it isn’t that good. It rips off several movies such as SAW in an attempt to justify torture scenes on the young schoolgirl. I don’t mind other movies being copied if it’s done correctly but the movie suffers from poor execution with a half-baked plot. The story is linked to the opening scene with the girl getting pregnant by her boyfriend and she has to go to the hospital to get an abortion. The twist in the final scene relates back to this but it still doesn’t make any damn sense. Some parts of the movie defy logic such as the couple in the car with the flat tyre sequence which is ridiculous. Who in their right mind can believe that it takes a couple of hours to change just one tyre!!! The viewer can easily see that it’s early afternoon when they discover the flat tyre and by the time the kidnapper strikes at them it’s pitch black. Are they that incompetent at changing a tyre? It’s things like this that annoy me about this movie. There is a also distinct lack of tension or suspense when the girl is on the run from her captor. Thankfully it only runs for 65 mins and considering the horrible acting from the cast that was more than enough for me.

I felt the filmmakers got round to having a discussion around a table and decided ‘well if we copy this scene from this movie, we take this from another and we throw together a flimsy plot I don’t think anybody will notice how bad it is’. An example of a scene being copied from SAW is that of the key in the stomach. The girl’s brother and boyfriend are introduced to the plot. The kidnapper has chained them up and they have to find the key in each other’s stomach if they want to be released. The only choice they have is to kill each other to do that. To be honest the only feature about this movie which is OK is the horror effects. Plenty of blood is spilt, the kills are somewhat brutal and there is one nasty scene right at the end as the girl is slashed relentlessly across her chest and abdomen by the kidnapper whilst she’s tied up to a tree. I’m sure the director is maybe a fan of American 80’s slasher movies as this movie has that distinct feel to it.

I’ve seen worse low budget horror movies from Japan over the years I suppose. I wouldn’t really recommend this to any Asian horror fan. I was surprised to read that this movie was given a sequel – Man Hunting: Redemption and judging by how useless this movie is I don’t think I’ll be watching it. Avoid.

Sadako’s Rating: 2 stars out of 5

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