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Site Update

Just a quick message to say there will be no updating of this site from today until Friday 14th December as I’m going away to Japan for a couple of weeks.

I will be checking out some movies whilst I’m out there at my 2 favourite cinemas in Shinjuku and Shibuya. The movies will be:

Lesson Of The Evil (Takashi Miike)
Evangelion 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo
Outrage Beyond (Takeshi Kitano)
Bayside Shakedown 4 Final (if it’s still running next week that is?)
Fly With The Gold
Tug Of War

I’m hoping I’ll be able to grab some movie DVD bargains at a couple of Book Off stores I usually go to.

There will be a ton of reviews to do when I come back so see you all then.

PS – Update 27/11/12

Just another quick update that I’ve already managed to catch Evangelion 3.0 and Lesson Of The Evil.

I liked Evangelion 3.0. It’s set 14 years after Third Impact so some of the characters such as Misato are totally different from what we’ve come to expect from them so that was a pleasant surprise. It wasn’t quite as action packed as I wanted it to be. Expect a full review when I’m back home. I was more impressed by Hideaki Anno’s short live action/CG movie in collaboration with Studio Ghibli which was shown before the main feature. ‘A Giant God Warrior Appears In Tokyo’ was fantastic and although it only runs for 10 mins the carnage that takes place in the short is amazing. Tokyo is totally obliterated by this gigantic creature. My mouth was gaping at what I saw.

Going from one extreme to another – Lesson Of The Evil by Takashi Miike is a brutal and horrific movie. I completely understand why AKB48’s Yuko Oshima disliked this movie after a private screening for the idol group recently and swiftly left at it’s conclusion bawling her eyes out. The way the teacher goes around systematically slaughtering his class with a shotgun is intense and bloody. Again a full review in mid December.

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