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KR MovieWarCore

This movie is split into 3 segments:

Message For W – Preparing for her wedding with Ryu Terui, Akiko Narumi becomes depressed. She becomes involved in a fight with Shotaro Hidari and Phillip as they battle a Pteranodon Yummy. Akiko isn’t happy that Terui is thinking of changing into KR Accel on their wedding day so she takes his Gaia memory and driver so he can’t transform. With the power of the Gaia memory, Pteranodon Yummy has Akiko watch the past of her father Sokichi Narumi. The mystery of why Sokichi came to become Kamen Rider Skull is revealed.

Nobunaga’s Desire – The mummified remains of the samurai warrior Oda Nobunaga dressed in armour is discovered with Kousei Kougami starting a revival experiment. However things go wrong and gets worse when Dr Maki gives Nobunaga the power of 3 dark core medals to change into a mindless Greeed and go on the rampage. Eiji witnesses the samurai attacking a man and transforms into OOO to fight the creature however it manages to escape. Eiji comes across an injured young man who is injured and seems lost. He discovers the man has amnesia but somehow he knows his name is Nobunaga. He tries to take care of him not knowing that he’s the creature he fought before. Pretty soon Nobunaga’s true purpose is discovered and Eiji must transform into OOO to battle the creature once and for all.

Movie War Core – Using the past memories of Kamen Riders, an evil energy-based giant appears. The evil entity identifies itself as Kamen Rider Core and demonstrates its devastating powers. In order to stop Kamen Rider Core, Kamen Rider W & 000 head to the subterranean core of the Earth to destroy the source of it’s power and engage in an epic battle against Kamen Rider Core. The fate of the world hangs in the balance.

KR Movie War Core screenshot

Having not seen that much of Kamen Rider W or OOO (I’ve probably seen more of OOO than W), I came into watching this movie thinking I’d be lost with the plot if it connected back to an arc from both series but this was more of a standalone movie than anything else so my fears were unfouded. Out of all the three stories it’s possibly the first one with the origins of KR Skull that’s the best. The story doesn’t really link to the overall plot of the movie but it was an interesting story and KR Skull is such a cool looking character. A rider wearing a white fedora hat! His segment which is like a tribute to the film noir detective genre is about a Spider Dopant infecting people in a city with spider bombs which can transfer over to another person if they touch them and then explode. It also gives the viewer more background information on Sokichi before Shoutaro joined him as his assistant. The OOO part of the movie also doesn’t really link with the last segment but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. The story introduces us to the black core medals but doesn’t really explain why or how they were created by the creepy Dr Maki who carries a strange puppet of a child called Kiyo-chan on his arm. Another regular character in the OOO series in Ankh doesn’t have that much of a role in this movie which I thought was rather odd. He pops up at certain times but adds nothing of any significance to the plot. Knowing that he’s quite a popular character, I thought the scriptwriters might have given him more screentime. And then we have the actual crossover itself as W and OOO battle KR Core which is a rather short segment indeed. It only runs for 15 mins and I was disappointed it was so short. KR Core is a great looking fiery monster having been created using a combination of the Pteranodon Yummy’s Gaia Memory and the 3 black core medals that flew off into the sky after Greeed Nobunaga had been defeated but for such a fearsome creature he’s defeated too easily. What we have in this segment is a big battle with W and OOO taking on KR Core while Birth and Accel fight the Pteranodon Yummy. I laughed when they showed a scene with Shoutaro and Eiji going underground and Ankh mysteriously turns up. Shoutaro’s face and surprise when he sees Ankh’s floating disembodied hand is very funny. It’s just a shame there isn’t a lot of character interaction between W and OOO. The ending to the movie is a little bit stupid. After KR Core’s defeat and everybody has gone back to normality, Eiji climbs out of a manhole cover to discover he’s in Rio De Janeiro and comes face to face with a Japanese samba dancer! How the hell does that happen? It’s a funny scene I’ll say that but there’s no explanation as how he manages to turn up in Brazil of all places.

Fans have commented that this movie contradicts many things from both series but not having watched W and OOO to it’s conclusion yet I can’t really say anything about that. The action and special effects are fantastic as they always are in the KR movies. All in all, Movie War Core has plenty of action and excitement to satisfy KR fans and keep them happy.

Sadako’s Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

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