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The boys at Suzuran High are back and this time facing an even bigger threat from the thugs of Housen Academy who are after revenge for the death of one of their own at the hands of Suzuran pupil Sho Kawanishi. He was sent to a correctional facility but is now free again. When several Suzuran guys are brutally attacked, Genji decides the only way he can take Housen on is by a united front from everybody at the school. Can Genji unite the various factions under his leadership?

I loved the first Crows Zero movie so I was so looking forward to seeing the sequel. It did not disappoint me. It’s even more violent than the first and featuring a massive rumble between Suzuran and Housen. Seeing both camps staring at each other from a distance before the big fight reminded me of Braveheart! Shun Oguri slips effortlesly back like he never went away as Genji, the leader at Suzuran. Takashi Miike, no stranger to directing violent films did a good job here. The ending leaves me in no doubt that another sequel could be on the cards.

Sadako’s Rating: 4 out of 5

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