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Death Trance (2006)

In an unknown land, a lone warrior who’s searching for the ultimate fight has stolen a precious coffin from a temple. The coffin might contain something inside that could bring about the destruction of the world. Now many people are after the stolen coffin and that’s exactly what the warrior wants. If they want it, they’re gonna have to fight him to get it.

Borrowing some elements from Django, Lone Wolf & Cub and Versus, this is a great fantasy actioner which doesn’t know at times whether it’s meant to be serious or funny. You might think the movie is set in the time of the samurai until you see motorbikes and a rocket launcher! It’s got some fantastic OTT martial arts sequences backed up by a metal soundtrack and excellent special effects. The pace of the movie is frenetic with some kind of fight happening every 5 mins or so. I’m not sure if the ending is left deliberately open for a sequel or not? It’s a mindless popcorn flick which delivers on action so if you’ve got 90 mins to spare then take a look at Death Trance.

Sadako’s Rating: 3 out of 5

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