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Two Hong Kong narcotics cops are mired in a morass of betrayal, divided loyalties, and depravity when they discover that some of their colleagues in blue are on a drug kingpin’s payroll.

Tiger Cage is a high-octane action thriller about some bent HK coppers involved in some shady business with American drug dealers. The action choreography is pretty jaw dropping at times and includes some memorable fights with the super star Donnie Yen. From the opening shootout that begins the movie, you know that you are in for some rough and tumble action, as hundreds of bullets are shot, bodies fall and are hit by cars, the fighting is gritty, and so on.The final 10 minutes are among the most furious and insane action I’ve seen in any Hong Kong movie and the viewer is quite breathless by the time the mentioned freeze frame comes. The movie is very violent and the story is well paced by the great Yuen Woo Ping, and is a competent addition to the Hong Kong cop film library.

Sadako’s Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

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