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Frontieres (2007)

I did mention that I’d be adding some French movies in this blog and this is the first of them:

Amidst fierce rioting in Paris, 4 young thieves (3 males and a female) who have tried to stage a robbery which has gone awry decide to flee the capital by splitting up in two cars and head to Holland via the French backroads. They decide to meet up at a small hostel deep in the French countryside run by a family. The first 2 men to arrive at the hostel get laid by the 2 sexy women running the reception area. After they’ve had their fun, one of the cocky young men insults one sister. Her brother comes along and all hell breaks loose. Both men decide to run for their lives and try and escape through a tight claustrophobic cavern until one of them is clobbered over the head by an axe when the cavern opens up inside the hostel kitchen. The other man fearful for his life backtracks in the cavern and goes and hides somewhere.

Meanwhile unaware of the troubles that have befallen their friends, the other two arrive at the place. They ask for their friends and one of the receptionist girls will show them where they’re staying on the estate. Curiosity takes over for the male when he starts snooping around the outbuildings and discovers one of his friends half-dead and dangling upside down like a butchered animal. It’s then a battle for survival as they have to escape from the hell they’ve found. However they’re captured and the male subjected to one of the movie’s nastiest moments before being chained and thrown into the family’s pigs pen. What they thought would be a nice place to stay on their way to Holland has turned into their worst nightmare. Who, if anybody will survive?

If there’s any nation that makes decent horror movies these days it’s got to be the French. Frontieres is yet another brilliant example of a shocking and frightening movie to come out of the country. It’s a terrifiying movie with a great storyline and solid performances from the cast especially from the heroine Karina Testa. I really enjoyed it. It’s inspired partly by the Texas Chainsaw Massacre in that you have a family of cannibal nutcases run by an elderly ex-Nazi patriach who kills any person staying at their hostel and then they cook and eat the meat! It has some really extreme moments which will make some of you wince. Overall this is one of the best horror movies I’ve seen in the past year – it’s unsettling, disturbing and edge of your seat stuff. Gorehounds – miss this at your peril!

Sadako’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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