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Grotesque (2009)

Banned in the UK, this disturbing Japanese movie finds a new young couple after having a drink and a meal in a restaurant attacked on an empty street from behind using a hammer by a weirdo who takes them to his basement where he chains both of them up and subjects them to sexual abuse and humiliation before viciously torturing them in various gruesome ways by using for example a chainsaw. He’s doing this as he can only get sexually aroused by watching people’s will to survive in the most extreme situation.

This is probably one of the most sickest films I’ve ever had to see. It’s obvious the director only had 1 thing in mind – to shock and horrify viewers and he does that to good effect. This movie is unrelenting in it’s sadism and violence. The ending was also fairly ridiculous. I wouldn’t recommend this movie to anyone – it’s vile, gory and disgusting. By banning this notorious movie, it’ll only make people even more curious to check it out. The British Board Of Film Classification’s reason for not granting this a certificate is that it could psychologically harm viewers. I think it’s up to us as individuals what we can or cannot see and not the BBFC. They’re treating adults as children. You might get a kick out of watching Grotesque if you like torture porn movies but otherwise steer well clear.

Sadako’s Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

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