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When Earth is tearing itself apart by means of crime, pollution and war, aliens choose the time to invade, taking advantage of the lowering of everyone’s guard. The Japanese government establishes an elite police organization known as Blue SWAT to combat the aliens, known as the Space Mafia. The aliens attack by possessing humans to obtain their goals. When an alien possesses the chief of the Blue SWAT unit to infiltrate the organization, it manages to completely demolish their building of operations and murder all but three SWAT members; Shou, Sara and Sig. Managing to keep the suits and equipment assigned to them, the three form their own private detective-like agency called Blue Research to continue their mission of defeating the Space Mafia. Now working on their own, their battle with the Space Mafia is only beginning…

Blue SWAT was the 13th Metal Hero series that ran from January 1994 to January 1995. Although targeted towards kids, it was the adults that took to this series more than the kids due to the serious mood of the show although they decided to change it to a lighter mood halfway through the 51 episode thinking that this would appeal more to kids. This movie is a compilation of the first 2 episodes of the show – introducing us to the villains throughout the series – The Space Mafia and the heroes out to stop them – Shou, Sara and Sig. The movie wastes no time in getting right down to the action with our 3 metal heroes blasting the alien foes with specialised guns and rocket launchers. It’s a tad too short for my liking at 20 mins, I would have liked to see more. I guess it was just a taster to entice curious tokusatsu fans to watch the show. It’s good stuff nevertheless.

No trailer but the OP credits to the series

Sadako’s Rating: 3 stars out of 5

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