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Unlucky in love and in life female public office employee Na Young-ju is nominated to enrol at an English class so that she can deal with all the foreign people as there is nobody that can speak with them. It is there she meets the shallow Park Moon-su, a cocky shoe shop worker who thinks that he’ll be able to pick up any women with English chat-up lines and be able to communicate better with his sister who lives in New York. Na Young-ju who is nicknamed Candy in the class falls for him but Park Moon-su (nicknamed Elvis) only has eyes for his Australian classroom teacher Cathy. Will true love prevail for Candy?

A great little Korean rom-com. Na-yeong Lee is hilarious as Candy who struggles to learn English. It’s rather predictable as you’ll have a feeling that both Candy and Elvis will end up together in the end but it’s still a rather funny movie The two leading roles have a great chemistry with each other. The director also implements some cartoons highlighting what Candy thinks of herself and the people around her which I thought was a nice touch. As with other Korean comedies you’ve got to have a dramatic sub-plot and this has one about a family being split apart due to them being poor. If you’re after a fun movie to watch then this comes recommended with plenty of laughs in it.

Sadako’s Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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