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Scared (2006)

A group of young college freshmen go on a trip to the Thai forests to bond together. When their bus has to cross a rickety old bridge spanning a river, it gives way and the bus plunges into the river. Some die during the fall. The remaining survivors go and look for help. But there’s somebody in the forest bumping them off one-by-one. Will anybody live long enough to find help?

This was a very good Thai teen slasher movie. It’s not perfect though. The plot is disappointing, unoriginal and the characters are horribly one dimensional but I still loved it. Some nice gory, creative and gruesome deaths on hand and it doesn’t take a genius to know who the killer is. There’s a wonderful twist right at the end which I didn’t expect. The girls in the movie are pretty cute looking too. Recommended for gore/slasher fans who like a fast paced movie with a high body count and nasty deaths.

Sadako’s Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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