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After a group of sexy Thai nurses and a doctor who harvest organs kill one of their own, her spirit comes back to wreak revenge. This is such a fun horror movie with a very sadistic vengeful ghost who particularly enjoys taking her time carrying out her deadly deeds and seems to toy with her victims. Each of the nurses have their own vice, mostly with being beautiful which the spirit exploits to the fullest. The nurses also have their eye on the doctor who has shagged his way through each one of them

Sick Nurses is an obvious homage to the Japanese long haired ghost movie but with a slight difference. I thought the first half of this movie was rather tame but in the latter half the blood starts to flow with some slick inventive death sequences and the creepy hospital setting really adds to the mood and atmosphere. I really liked this movie and if you enjoy horror movies then I’d recommend you check this one out.

Sadako’s Rating: 4 out of 5

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