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Thirteen high school students find themselves trapped in their school after an exam and are to be the unwitting sacrifices in a grand scheme to resurrect Lucifer in a bid for world domination. As their number dwindles in gruesome manner, the survivors’ hope is pinned solely on the magic powers of the new transfer student – the teenage witch Misa Kuroi.

Quite an enjoyable Japanese teen horror based on a manga. This movie has it’s fair share of gore with some inventive deaths involved. All the actors do a great job as well, and considering that most of the cast had little-to-no acting work prior to this film, I was impressed. While the setting of the film was rather enclosed – taking place almost entirely in a school–it did give the movie a rather claustrophobic touch. Fans of wizardry and horror will love it. Well worth checking out.

Sadako’s Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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