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The female boss of the fearsome Scissor Gang – Eun-jin loses her memory after a fight with a rival gang in which she falls off a tall building onto a lorry carrying a load of chickens. A man who owns a restaurant finds and takes her back home where she starts to work as a delivery woman for him and builds a new life for herself. Eun-jin tries everything to get her memory back but to no avail. Two years later down the road, her old nemesis White Shark comes onto the scene determined to turn the restaurant and other nearby shops into a brand new shiny mall whether the owners like it or not. Although Eun-jin doesn’t remember her past, she still retains her old fighting skills which comes in handy when she foils a bank robbery and gets a bravery award for it. When White Shark sees her again he vows to finish the job off this time round and kill her for good! But will Eun Jin be able to regain her memory in time to put an end to White Shark and his cronies and save the people she’s grown to care about?

A very funny Korean comedy and just as good as the first movie with plenty of laughs provided. Eun-Kyung Shin is still the sexiest, coolest and greatest wife anybody could ever have – as long as you don’t piss her off that is otherwise she could have your head on a platter!! This movie is a fun, good-natured sequel that gives viewers a chance to revisit the character of Eun-Jin without abandoning what made audiences like her in the first place. Definitely recommended.

I can find a trailer for the first movie and the 3rd but not the 2nd. Sorry!

Sadako’s Rating: 4 out of 5

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