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Zoro goes missing, as the Straw Hat’s restock. On their search for him, Sanji follows Maya, a girl of the island, to a village. There, Zoro appears, accompanied by a group of marines. Zoro wields his sword against Sanji and takes three jewel balls from Maya. Luffy stumbles upon a training center of the local navy division. There, he encounters Saga, the leader of the center and owner of the Seven Star Sword, who made Zoro take the balls to revive that swords slumbering power. Luffy fights him, but falls from a cliff. The Seven Stars Sword was that, which had ruined the country of Asuka with its cursed power a long time ago and had therefore been sealed. But with a night of a red full moon, that occurs only once every hundred years, the jewel balls in his possession, and Zoro on his side, only the remaining Straw Hats stand in Saga’s way to reviving the swords true power.

Plenty of One Piece fans dislike this movie for the fact that Zoro betrays the Going Merry crew at the sight of his old friend, takes Sanji down during a fight and is quite happy to join a sinister and evil plot. Granted, it may seem out of place to the rest of the series but doen’t affect the overall storyline of the anime. See this as only a side-story. Zoro’s unusual behaviour makes a welcome change and needs to be enjoyed for what it is. It’s the only time you see Zoro and Sanji have a proper fight. An excellent and exciting addition to the One Piece movie franchise.

I can’t find a trailer but did find this:

Sadako’s Rating: 4 stars out of 5

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